2018 Year End Review

As a habit, I spend the end of the year reflecting on my accomplishments, lessons and relationships.

Here's a few of the things that I worked hard to bring to fruition in 2018 and am grateful for:

1. Continued success of the many clients that trusted me and my Life Strategy company: The Confidence Trifecta, LLC to help them on their journey to living their best lives.

2. I wrote two books: The Solopreneur Toolkit (not yet published) and "Getting Back To Wonderful, Wisdom and Inspiration for the Peaks and Valleys" - published and available via Amazon.

3. Along with a Co-host, I launched a Podcast: The Transformation Experience Podcast. Available on all major Podcast outlets.

4. More Recognition and Influence for my brands: melodymmiller and The Confidence Trifecta.

5. Co-founding The Queen Makers Giving Circle. A group of Black Women philanthropist sponsored by the Chicago Foundation for Women. We fund non-profits that address the needs of women and girls of color on the Southside of Chicago.

6. Travel to The Grand Canyon, HorseShoe Bend, Cuba, France and South Africa

But, what I'm most proud of are the things that can't be measured: Mindfulness, Health consciousness, and staying away from Negative Energy.

1. I spent more time with my family in 2018

2. I nurtured my relationships more this year

3. I showed up more for my friends this year

4. I listened more in 2018

5. I helped more people get shit done in 2018

6. I said "Thank You" more this year

7. I said "I appreciate you" more this year

8. I said "I Love YOU more" in 2018

9. I acted in spite of my fear more this year

My 2019 theme is Vulnerability and Receiving. I look forward to sharing more of my "Valley Victory" stories with the world in hopes that my vulnerability will inspire others to share their stories...and as a confirmed Giver, I look forward to working on be a better Receiver in 2019.

What did you accomplish in 2018?

What will you be working on in 2019?

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