What are your Core Values?

During one of my recent workshops on identifying your values I was asked, “How many core values does a person need to master in order to be successful?” It was such a great question that I decided to write about it!

As you can imagine, first and foremost you have to identify your values.

On the surface most people begin to name such values as: Honesty, Family, Love, Service to others, just to name a few.

Our values are simply those things that are most important to us at the very core of who we believe ourselves to be. It is an unwavering belief in what we stand for. When we know our values, we can be clear on our personal definition of success and live a happier life doing what’s most important, and of real value to us.

Newsflash!!! – You need to determine your own personal definition of Success. If you aspire to someone else’s definition then I can almost guarantee a lifetime of stress and strive trying to achieve it.

It is often very easy to become distracted by noble ideals, and claim them as your own. But, it is absolutely vital that we develop our own definition of success and our own set of principles and morals so that we can then stand firm in what we believe when the road gets rough and the path to our self-defined success becomes littered with obstacles.

The best way to discover your values is find what makes you truly happy. Then ask yourself why those things bring you joy. The answers will lead you to your core values, and to what’s most important to you. In as much as we can, we should all aspire to live from a place of joy. Joy is an inside condition. Outside circumstances cannot affect an internal joy.

Make the time to figure out where you would like to find yourself in the future. What are your values? What is your definition of “Success”? Are the steps that you are taking right now helping your future self walk down the right success path? If the answer is no, maybe it is finally time to think about walking a new road based on your core values and what you really believe in.

When you do, that path will likely lead you to happiness and ultimately Success!

Examples of Some Core Values:

1. Adventure. Are you a thrill-seeker? If things start to feel a little stale, do you quickly feel bored? If so, a sense of adventure is probably close to your heart and you might be happier with trying new experiences and new ways of doing everyday things.

2. Healthy Relationships. Valuing relationships includes finding all relationships important, not only the romantic kind. Having this as an important value to you means that you hold your interactions with your loved ones and others of great importance, and you act like it. You make and take the time to make an investment into those relationships.

3. Spirituality. If you align with certain religious or spiritual practices, then the beliefs of that practice are probably very dear to your heart. You may find greater fulfillment in spending some of your “free” time studying, practicing and going on spiritual explorations.

4. Creativity. Creative thinking helps the world in many ways, but it is not a core value for everyone. If you enjoy discovering and creating new things, perhaps it is one of yours. Try thinking outside of the proverbial box while you are actively participating in the things that you enjoy. Creativity is so much more than just poetry, music, or painting.

5. Making a mark on the world. Most people will say that, in the end, they just want others to think of them kindly or remember them warmly. There are many ways that you can make your mark on the world, if this is really important to you. You don’t have to invent the newest technological advance or become the next internet sensation. It can be as simple as being a positive influence on others. The list is endless….

In summary, identifying our core values is the first step in helping us decide our personal definition of success; then honoring those core values to help propel us to the realization of reaching those success goals.

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