Interested in a monthly engagement together?  This option gives you my undivided attention bi-monthly, with one-on-one coaching where we walk through the goals for your life, and create the plan of action to get you everywhere you want to be. Once you've planned your goals; I hold you accountable for taking ACTION. This engagement doesn’t work for everyone, because of the financial investment required.  Plus, because of the time and energy it takes, I only work with a handful of clients at a time who are ready to change their lives now. 

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Single Outcome Session

In less than two hours, you can get your car tune-up and oil change, a tax refund, have a massage or watch your favorite TV show. And now maybe in less than two hours you can have a new outlook on whatever’s got you stuck.


How does S.O.S. work?

Your single session will last on average 60-90 minutes. We will focus on your issue, your feelings about being stuck and then we’ll focus on your strengths, and life affirming skills. Together we will identify strategies and create for you a practical plan of action to get yourself unstuck.


Instead of looking at negative thoughts or behaviors in the past and what’s causing the issue, we’ll look at positive one’s for the future that could solve it!


In the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show, you could get unstuck right here, right now!


Who Can Benefit From S.O.S.?


If you have a very specific outcome in mind like; dealing with a loss, building self-confidence, getting out of debt, learning new parenting skills, advancing in your career, dealing with a difficult work situation, ending a toxic friendship etc., then S.O.S. is the solution for you!


How is this different from regular coaching?


What makes S.O.S. unique is that we approach the session with the idea that it will likely be the only one. One Session. No long term contract. No commitment. You emerge from the phone session with an action plan to get unstuck from that one thing holding you back!

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Speaker at Your Event

Melody M Miller, Beautiful Black Woman, Life Coach, African-American Life Coach, Motivational speaker, Printing Consultants

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Potential Topics Include:

  • Life is but a Dream:

    • Visioning to create a better life​

  • The Wheel of Life​

    • Are your spokes aligned​?

  • Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Money Muscle

    • The Solopreneur Tool-Kit

  • Book Talk & Signing 

"Getting Back To Wonderful, Wisdom and Inspiration For The Peaks and Valleys 

From Divorced single mother to Corporate Executive to CEO/Entrepreneur, and Cancer survivor...years later, hear what I've learned on this journey and why now is the time to live your best life!

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