Don't Should On Yourself

When things aren’t working out as we’ve planned or we’re laying in the bed at night, unable to sleep due to some past issue or problem, many people struggle with a lot of guilt. Guilt relating to what they “should’ve” done. As a dear friend once confided to me when considering ending her engagement, “It will just kill him, and I’d just die if I had to do that.” As I pointed out to her, his heart would continue to beat, and quite frankly, her fiancé deserved better than to marry someone who felt like she did. Invariably, the word should will enter these conversations (in my friend’s case, “I should just go ahead with it”). But here’s the deal: If your main reason for doing anything is because

3 Proven Ways to Increase Your Confidence

Confidence has a hypnotic effect on people. The first time I recognized it was at a my first Beyonce concert a few years back. I was mesmerized by her performance. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she sang and danced. I eventually dubbed her “the most confident woman in the world.” It was like she bathed in a tub full of confidence on a daily basis. I knew if I had just a piece of what she exuded while on that stage, I would be unstoppable. There’s data to back that up. Studies show that confidence is closely correlated with success, and even more so than competence. That’s why it feels like some of the people we most associate with being successful appear to have an abundance of the covet

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